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Use our Fax List for Free

Using our fax number list for free allows you to target the business that will give you the best response.

We are constantly working on our business fax list. The information as to the quantities of fax numbers given in this site are based on numbers that were successfully used the last time that they were sent. We are constantly improving our database all the time, amounts given could be seen as a minimum.

In addition to the fax number, we also have other information which can be used to target particular industry types or location.

For targeting particular industry types, we use the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industry Codes (ANZSIC). In addition to this code, we have more detailed company types in our fax database which can be used to target your fax broadcast more closely.

We also have other information like region (metro area), state, post code and for some of the records there is also a contact name which can be inserted into the fax as a mail-merge.

Have a look at our current counts based on industry type and region here.

Summary of criteria that can be used to target businesses:

  • Industry type (ANZSIC)
  • Industry type – more detailed than ANZSIC coding
  • Region (metro area) like Melbourne, Sydney etc
  • State
  • Postcode ranges
  • A combination of the above


To find out how many fax numbers in a criteria, call us on 1800 821 022 or e-mail us and we will have a look in our fax list database and give you a count of what we have.

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