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Now $1600 inc GST

30,000 Faxes

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50,000 Faxes

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Fax Broadcasting - Effective And
Low Cost Lead Generation

Save time and money with our Fax Broadcasting Service. Use our large and expanding database of fax numbers free of charge. No need for your own fax lists or list rental. Find out more about our fax service list

Target the businesses to get the best result

You can decide on the area or type of business you feel will get the best response and avoid those areas that are less likely to buy. Our database contains fax numbers of businesses with industry type and location, making each fax more likely to count. Find out more about our fax number list here.


Faxing Gets Results Quickly

We can send out more than 50,000 faxes an hour. You can schedule when the faxes go out based on when you would like to handle the response. This is ideal for time sensitive messages like a "Today Only" sale.

Don't Wait To Find Out If Your Promotion Worked

Your Phone will start ringing within minutes of the fax broadcast starting. With direct mail, it takes weeks to find out if your promotion worked.For fax advertising, your response will start in less than an hour. This way you can tweak a fax from day to day to get the best result – try and do that with printed material!

Client Retention Made Easy

Not communicating with your existing clients? If you don’t keep your company name in the mind of your existing or past clients they are more likely to use your competitor the next time they need your product or service. Fax messages are not blocked by spam filters and honestly, do you read all promotional and e-mail newsletters you receive?


Why Pay For A Graphic Artist To Do Your Artwork?

Just give us an idea of what you want done and we can produce the fax image for you. With the experience we have acquired – we know what works better with fax marketing.

Cutting Costs Can Make The Difference Between Profit And Loss

The most effective form of promotion is word of mouth and referrals. Just about everything else costs money, after all you have to make yourself known to some degree first.

Key is the cost effectiveness of your promotion. Fax marketing costs a fraction of other direct response marketing. For direct mail for example, you are paying for printing, marketing lists, mail housing and postage. Faxing costs only a few cents per page sent successfully.

In addition to faxing costs in general, we pride ourselves in undercutting our competitors to give our customers the most cost effective promotion possible. To achieve this our service includes the following benefits to you:

  • Saving time and money with free use of our extensive fax database
  • Free advise on what has worked in the past
  • Fax artwork done free of charge
  • Your marketing budget goes further with the best rates
  • You can calculate exact results with accurate reporting
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