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Frequently Asked Questions


How does fax broadcasting work?
We have access to a number of computer servers around the world which are directly connected to telephone exchanges. These servers can send out more than 10,000 faxes an hour to just about anywhere in the world.

What if I don’t have my own fax list?
Not a problem. We have a database of more than 1,000,000 fax numbers. This list is available free of charge to all our customers. This database has a lot of records with suburbs or postcodes and industry type.  With this, those who are more likely to respond to your fax can be targeted.

How do I get charged for faxing?
You only pay for the faxes that are successfully sent. Before sending we can give an estimated number of successful faxes that will be sent. The cost of this estimation is paid before the fax broadcast is sent. If the successful count is less than that of that of the estimation, a credit remains for the next run. If it is more than the estimation, the difference is to be paid.

How are faxes targeted?
Our database of fax numbers have geographic locations as well as industry type. These can be used to target companies you want to receive the faxes. If you have additional information on your own list like a particular person’s name who you want to contact, a mail-merge can be done wherein personal details can be inserted onto each fax that goes out.

What is a reasonable amount of faxes to get the best result?
This differs from product to product. We have found that the response is not directly proportional to the number of faxes that get sent. For example, say the optimum response for a particular product is received when you send 20,000 faxes in one day. If you were to then send 10,000 faxes on a later day, the response would unlikely be half of the earlier day. Getting the optimum result takes testing. Too few faxes makes it difficult to judge a fax image.  

Do I get charged for faxes that fail to be transmitted?
No, you only get charged for faxes that are successfully sent. When you use our fax database we will give you an estimated rate of success but it is only the faxes that are actually sent that attract a charge.

I am interested in faxing – what do I do?
Contact us. If you have never done fax marketing before, we can help you with the image that gets sent out. Giving us some promotion that you have had success with in the past may be useful in making up your fax. Having an idea of where you want the fax to go also helps.

How much notice do I need to give before a fax broadcast is done?
We ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice before you want to send but if you want help in creating an image, please allow for longer.



Where does the data come from?
The information in the Decision Maker List has been compiled from a number or sources. The majority of the information is gathered from advertising that companies have put out and from call centres who contact businesses and gather information.

How old is the data?
Because the information comes from a number or sources, it is difficult to give an age for the data. For this reason we concentrate on the accuracy of the list.Truly, some of the records may be as recent as a few months old while others may be a year old. 

How accurate is the data?
We guarantee that the information contained in the Agora Decision Maker List is at least 90% percent accurate. The information that is included is only if it is of the best possible quality so as not to corrupt the full data set. Before releasing this product we have extensively tested it and found an accuracy closer to 95% accurate than 90%. 

How do I receive the list?
Once payment has been received, it will be e-mailed to you. It is compressed in .zip format. The information itself is in .csv (comma seperated values) format. This format can be opened by a number of programs including Excel.

How does the guarantee work?
It is impossible to maintain a list that is 100% accurate. For this reason, you can expect to have up to 10% returned mail. If a quantity of greater than 10% is returned per 1000 records, you will be credited with additional records to make up to make up for the excess of undeliverable records.

How often is the list updated?
Updating the list is an ongoing process and is continuing all the time. Apart from this, we do a major revamp of the data every six months to remove any incorrect records and include additional records.


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